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    For those of you with Acura cars/SUVs who are having problems with your Treo 650 and HFL, here is the official word from Acura:

    Thank you for visiting and for your inquiry. I apologize for the
    long reply, but I want you to have all of the details regarding the Treo 650
    and why we have it listed as "not approved" on our website.

    PalmOne, on their website, are reporting a software upgrade that will, in
    their words, “make the Treo 650 compatible with the Acura HandsFreeLink.”

    While this software upgrade does indeed resolve many issues found in our
    testing of the Treo 650, there remains an intermittent problem with the Treo
    650 that causes us to determine that the Treo 650 is not compatible with
    HandsFreeLink. The testing that Johnson Controls performs in determining any
    particular devices compliance with the Bluetooth Specifications and the
    level of interoperability acceptable is very rigorous and specifically
    focused on compatibility with the HandsFreeLink system.

    In our testing of the Treo 650, which has been ongoing in cooperation with
    PalmOne for almost a year to this point, has determined that there is a
    problem in the Bluetooth operation of the Treo 650 that may cause the user
    to “drop” calls, or lose some Bluetooth functionality.

    The issue is intermittent and its impact on any one user is greatly
    dependant on the amount if use. The more often the user invokes the
    Bluetooth Hands-Free function of the Treo 650 the more likely they will be
    to experience this issue.

    Bluetooth operates between two devices via a protocol that defines a number
    of specific commands and responses that are transmitted between the devices.
    In the case of the Hands-Free functions, the HandsFreeLink issues the
    function commands and the phone (Treo 650) responds to these commands.

    Our testing has discovered that the Treo 650 will form time-to-time stop
    responding to commands issued from HandsFreeLink. This may cause the
    appearance of a call dropping, or unable to answer an incoming call for
    example. HandsFreeLink does have a failsafe that will detect this lack of
    response and restart the Bluetooth protocol between the two devices. Thus a
    user who uses the Hands-Free function less frequently may not experience
    this issue. Due to Acura and Johnson Controls high standards for quality
    and usability, we felt the Treo 650 should be determined to be NOT
    compatible with the Acura HandsFreeLink system.

    PalmOne has recently submitted a software version to Johnson Controls for
    testing, that has indeed resolved this issue. We have confirmed this to
    PalmOne. The exact revision level of this new software is not yet known, as
    PalmOne needs to work with the network operators to roll this out for
    general availability. Once we have been informed by PalmOne what the version
    is and how users can obtain this fix we will list the Treo 650 as an
    APPROVED device for use in the Acura.

    Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.


    HandsFreeLink Customer Service
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    That's about the best CS response I've ever seen. I'm thinking of getting a TL, and this suggests the residual problems will be solved eventually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ree Nigne
    That's about the best CS response I've ever seen. I'm thinking of getting a TL, and this suggests the residual problems will be solved eventually.
    I've had mine for a bit over a year, and have put 15k miles on it, it is hands down the best car I've ever driven.

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