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    Firmware 4.10d, released 6/1/05 is on the website. There is no mention of specific fixes for the 650 in the release notes, but here's what is listed:

    - Add new option in "object push" menu to make possible sending of contacts from a D500 or a MyX8 phone.
    - With the latest software versions of Nokia phones, one entry was created in the phonebook for each phone number.
    It is now possible to have one name with many phone numbers.
    - Fix possible synchronisation failure with Nokia phones.
    - Fix incorrect display of the battery charge.
    - Fix pairing with QTEK 9090.
    - Fix radio mute with the A1000.

    I haven't updated my CK3100 yet, I'll probably try tonight. Maybe this will allow pause characters in favorites without causing the 650 to crash.

    I'll report back with an update.

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    Got my CK3100 updated tonight. No problem with the update over bluetooth. Unfortunately, the 650 still crashes if any favorites contain pauses and the CK3100 screen still does not display the battery meter for the 650. I haven't noticed any other changes.

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