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    Is this a working combo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by experiment626
    Is this a working combo?
    I just got the P6 case on the 8th and after several days of use, it works quite well with the skin case. It was a bit tight at first and the skin case tends to move around a bit, but it's a great combo.
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    Maybe I have a thick case (Globalsource black silicone) but I'm having trouble getting it in and out of the P6. It can fit with some effort, but the magnetic cover will not close. My case is still pretty new so the leather is still hard. Maybe in time it will soften and stretch enough to fit. I hate to use the P6 with a naked Treo as it seems too vulnerable to scratches or even the possibility of dropping it. I've only put mine to use for about 2 days so far with the Treo naked. Can anyone comment on how well the case breaks in over time?

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