I have been trialing Agendus desktop for Outlook for about 10 days and from the begining have had a strange problem. In the past I've always used Outlook contacts to dial contacts from my XP outlook 2003 PC. No problem there, before or after installing Agendus for outlook. What I do have a problem with is dialing from contacts in agendus for outlook. When I dial from an unopened contact it brings up a dialog box that clearly shows it is trying to dial an internet phone connection. It soon explains that the # could not be reached. if I try to call a contact from an open contact it tries to dial in the same manner as outlook itself, except it freezes and I have to use the task manager to close outlook in order to get out of the program.

I have tried several methods to get help from Agendus but despite my requests have not gotten a single response. This does not of course make me comfortable with Agendus customer service.

Hopefully one of you can help me straighten this out. Otherwise I'm off to try
some other contact manager software. Key suite looks like a possibility and they brag about their customer service.