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    well i have jacked up my 650 some how and need to do a clean install. i have done the hard reboot and uninstalled the palm software off of my laptop. I have re-installed the palm desktop software and some how it had my old device-name and re-installed all of my old crap back on it.. so my question is how or what do i need to send to the recyle bin to make sure the Palm Desktop is nice and clean when i do a reinstall.. thanks for all you help
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    When you uninstall the Palm Desktop, it doesn't uninstall all of your data and backups.

    Under you install directly (Program Files\PalmOne, unless you changed it) you'll find a folder that matches your hotsync name, and within that a folder named backup. Rename the backup directory to something like OldBackup. That will let you get back all your PIM data without re-installing all the old apps and settings. Or, if you really want to lose everything, including your PIM data, you can simply rename the entire PalmOne directory before you start over.

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    You need to give your Treo a new user name on the next set up or delete the Palm backup folder for your old user id. Saving this backup folder to something like backup_old is not a bad idea either.

    Program Files / Palm / userid / backup I believe is the path.

    Cheers, Perry
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    You've got to rename your backup directory before your initial Hotsync. Perform another hard reset and then follow Palmone's instructions for upgrading to the Treo 650.
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    what is PIM data? all i realy need to keep is my contacts.. i can just reinstall zlauncher and the reat
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    PIM data = contacts, appointments, tasks et cetera . . .

    PIM = Personal Information Manager (another name for PDA, Personal Digital Assistant.)

    Cheers, Perry
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    Hello guys,

    I updated today my 650 to v. 1.20 ENA and I would also like to "format" it, while keeping all contacts, phone DB, SMS messages, memos, Tasks, etc. All I would like to have is the same phone with all current PIM data, but with totally "virgin" OS.

    Please let me know if this is what I have to do:
    - HotSync with PC
    - save folder Program Files\palmOne\Alex\Backup
    - delete folder Program Files\palmOne\Alex and all subfolders
    - hard reset the device
    - Hotsync with PC
    - replace contents of folder Program Files\palmOne\Alex2\Backup with the contents of the folder I previously saved
    - Hotsync with PC.

    I would appreciate if you could tell me what additional steps do I need to perform in order to reach the desired result.

    Thanks a milion!
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    Solved. After looking for it a lot, realized that I have to switch teh Backup hotsync option to "Desktop overwrites Handheld" :-)
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