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    I bought a Cingular branded phone from eBay. The boy who sold it told me that the phone was unlocked. But when I turn on the phone, and put my PIN, a message appears:
    "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card"
    and I only can make emergency calls.

    So, I think that my Treo is still locked. In PalmOne, they said that if the phone is locked, the message that appears is:
    "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card currently"
    It's not exact the same phrase, but I think It means the same.

    I've read in some forums that some people had the unlock code, used it, and had a similar problem, but nothing in this threads is clear.

    Please, help me.
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    Your phone is locked.
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    Sure? No doubt?

    Ok, so I'm going to write to the seller.

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    You could do that, or just call and get the unlock code from Cingular. It's so much easier than sending it back and buying another one. Say your surprising your wife with a trip to Italy and need the unlock code. If they don't give it to you, try again and again and're bound to finally get somebody nice.

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