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    I had started a similar thread about software that might be available to allow my staff to take incoming calls at the office, and then while entering the data (name of caller, nature of message, call back number), have the software automatically forward this message to me.

    Someone suggested that they should simply email me the message to my Treo, and then the email program could be use to sort or find information.

    So, thought I would post a similar question in this area for the 650, but ask the question in a different way. How do you use your Treo to get immediate access to messages when you are out of your office? Does someone email them to you?
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    I have a separate "mobile" e-mail address for the Treo only (that is not public anywhere) and I use Outlook server-side rules to forward only messages which meet certain conditions to this "mobile" address.

    The tricky thing is to anticipate which messages I want forwarded and to avoid forwarding any of the masses of spam I get, so I'm frequently amending the rules.

    Alternatvely, in the case of messages from co-workers, agree with them that all messages will have an agreed key word on the subject line, and set your rules to auto-forward just e-mails with that key word to your mobile address.
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    Have thought of having them use a desktop SMS app to send them to you?
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    For spam in Outlook, consider SpamBayes - I find it incredibly effective at identifying spam after some period of training.
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    Tampascott--why not have your staff just text message you? To keep it simple they could just use your services web site (ie Cingular in my case) to send a text message with that info. It's free and easy and only requires your phone #. Alternately they could send you an email to a gmail (google email) account. Gmail can then be set to send that as a text message.

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