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    Is anyone using Eudora Internet Suite for Palm?

    Eudora Internet Suite

    If so, any downside?
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    I use it as a pretty good free email program that can handle multiple accounts. The web browser is great and very fast for text-only web browsing. But for anything other than text-only web browsing, it's useless. I read a lot of news sites on the web, and the EudoraWeb browser is much faster than the built-in Blazer.

    Downsides: The web browser is useless for anything other than text-based browsing. No good for pages requiring input (Yahoo, Google, your bank, etc.). No good for pages with graphics that you need to see (Mapquest). Also, there's a bug in the Bookmark tool; as you enter a website name, it auto-types a Bookmark name but it adds it sequentially. So like if I type in "Yahoo" then the auto-generated Bookmark name is YYaYahYahoYahoo -and I have to go back and edit it. Also, it just won't go to Yahoo at all, I get "The internet site "" could not be found." When I hotsync my Treo 600, EudoraWeb seems to lose all its Bookmarks. <Correction, I just tried it several times, and it keeps its Bookmarks just fine.>

    In short, it's free, so you have nothing to lose just by trying it. The email works, and supports multiple accounts and can spoof a reply address, so I can send mail through my Sprint account and have replies go to my account. I don't feel like paying for snappermail or versamail, so this works for my very occasional Treo email needs.
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    I use the email aspect of it for my pop3 account and it works fine.
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    I used EIS on my PalmV when I had a CDPD connection. Worked great. The web browser doesn't use a proxy, which is a good thing. I loved the email client. Too bad they've never updated it.

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