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    My Treo wireless headset unexplicably turns itself off. When I turn it on again (four flashes) my 650 can't find it again... Have to go trough the pairing steps again and then it works fine.

    Last time it happened was this morning. I left the headset in the charger (so it can't be a battery issue) overnight. In the morning it was off. Turned it on again, and the phone can't find it.

    Has anyone else experienced the same problem or does anyone know what it could be?
    Is the headset defect?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Not sure about the pairing issue but when you charge the headset it turns itself off per the manual
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    Yes, Marianne, I experience the same thing. It appears that the 650 is not very good at rediscovering the headset. Sometimes I've been able to hold the headset button in for two seconds and the treo will rediscover, but this is very unreliable. BT on the 650 still has a ways to go as far as a robust technology.
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    I believe the problem is with the headset itself. Samething is happening with mine. I really regret for getting that headset. Wish I have bought a Motorola or a SonyEricsson one.
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    I experienced the same problem with the Logitech Freedom that I had for one day. Turned itself off after a short period of inactivity. I replaced it with a Motorola HS820 and have not had a problem.

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    I have a Motorola BT headset and it does this every day sometimes a few times a day. I gave up using it a long time ago it got so annoying and eventually will eBay the headset.
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    it is not the headset. it is the crappy bluetooth on the treo itself. where've yall been?!
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    For me, the pairing between the 650 and TWH has been superb. I paired them several days ago, and I turn off the headset every night. When I turn it back on in the morning, it's automatically paired immediately.
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    I've never had to re-pair mine with my Treo although I've been tempted a few times when calls didn't transfer to the headset and pressing the headset button to transfer didn't do anything... just happened a couple times a couple weeks ago. No problems since
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    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    The headset has now worked since yesterday evening... Keeping my fingers crossed... Thanks for your replies!

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    Had no issues for weeks with my paired Jabra 250 headset until this morning when it didn't connect to the Treo650. Tried a few switch off/on still nothing worked. When trying to re-pair the Bluetooth Manager now quits as soon as I tap on setup devices and the Treo re-starts each time.
    I tried a system reset as well but don't know how to reset/repair the BM app. Any ideas appreciated. BTW I'm able to Hotsync the Treo with my laptop.
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    No problems here with the HBH-660
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    I have the same problem with the Treo Wireless Headset. It loses the pairing. It may happen after I use the Treo with a bluetooth GPS receiver, and then try to use the Treo Wireless Headset a few hours later.
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    The problem is Bluetooth Manager not being accessible to do any re-pairing as it immediately shuts down/restarts the Treo...Anybody have any advice on how this can be corrected?
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    Found the culprit. The DUN hack installed to use the Treo as web conduit for my laptop.

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