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    How useful do you ppl find this program?

    I set the screen to go off in 2 mins, but i can't seem to hang up my calls pass this time I set.
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    I use it daily, a must have for me. However I do not understand what you mean by hang up calls..
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    I actually just dled the trial and found that ending the call is quite annoying. The reasoning being that i use the end button to end the call, with the Treo Guard I have to press the end button and then hang up. Also the dial pad key will not work when the screen is blank. I love the screen blanking of this program but it makes the phone piece a bit less fuctional. However I just downloaded this software are there some options I am missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToroA
    The reasoning being that i use the end button to end the call, with the Treo Guard I have to press the end button and then hang up.
    Then don't use the Power or "end" button to end the call. TreoGuard uses the Power/end button to turn the screen off and on. Configure TreoGuard to use another button for that function when the screen's off:

    1. Select Keys > Actions > Phone. Change one of the keys to Hang Up. I usually select Phone.
    2. Check Only when screen off.

    Problem solved.

    As for the other problem, I believe this will solve it:

    1.) Select Screen.
    2.) Check "Turn screen on when call end."

    This should force the phone into normal operation right after a call.
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    O yeah remember seeing that now. Thanks
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    TreoGuard is one of the more useful and stable apps for the T600. YMMV.
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    I use it everyday without a problem. It's very useful for many reasons. The main reasons for me is screen turn off, radio on/off, and disable alarms during a call.
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    ah yes .... this all makes sense now.

    Thank you for all aldamon!

    Edit: the program is a pain when you have your secuirty lock on auto
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    With the System Lockout on Auto set .... it's kinda annoying to hang up, conference calling or daling more numbers.

    When the screen if off, I can't use the keypad to dail numbers at all, even when i set Keygaurd off when the screen is off.

    Until I figure something out, not using this program. Thanks for the help everyone.
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