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    Ok I got my wife a 600 on ebay and the N key was stuck down. No problem I think and I crack open the unit. I find that it really isn't stuck down, but overused. She needs a new plastic keyboard template and possibly a new keyboard pad, but I think she can get away with just the template.

    This appears to be a $0.05 part. Does anyone know if a company sells these?

    Also I have an idea to refurbish treo 600s. I bought a display only model 600 and it is on its way. I plan to take it apart and use the shell to refurbish my current model. Has anyone done this in the past? I'm thinking I may be able to get the keyboard from the demo model.
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    Update - I got my "dummy" phone in and was able to salvage a couple of parts for it. I'm surprised handspring used a different form factor for the display models because it is different. In any case, I got the following for my $10:

    Replacement keyboard (what I really needed)
    Replacement hot keys - the ones above the keyboard
    Replacement rubber stoppies that cover the screws
    Replacement screws, though I think the threading may be different on these and I am not planning on using them.
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    Why didnt you just edit your first post since it was the only one here and include your "dummy" update?

    Anyway, glad you got all the parts you needed.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Where did you get the dummy unit?
    Do they have 650 dummies as well?
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    I got it on ebay - search for "dummy treo" and you will see there are several listings. It is a bit misleading though. I figured the dummy unit would have the same form factor as the factory unit but wouldn't have anything inside.

    As it turns out the 600 model was a different form factor and most of the parts cannot be used. I thought I would get an antenna and be able to use the case, but the stylus is fake and glued in. Once you pop off the stylus and take out the screws you will find that the unit is glued together and the plastic model is not the same as the factory unit (though from the outside it does look the same.

    In the end the only parts you will be able to use are the ones listed above (at least for the 600).
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    whoa that's a first... overused 'N'?

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