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    I recently purchased a Treo 650.

    I'm trying to decide which program is better to use on my desktop - Palm Desktop or Address book & ical.

    Any advice??
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    I prefer the Palm desktop because it retains categories when it syncs. I think Apple has a long way to go on handheld organizer software. I was hoping Tiger would address these needs.
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    It all depends what you are trying to do. If you want predicatbility, Palm Desktop is the way to go as I understand the 'Work Address' fields don't sync properly between PD and Apple's AB (workround is to place Work Address in the Notes). However AB is the way to go for integration with other products as it can act as the 'digital hub' for a wide range of other software and enable data exchange.

    Why Apple can't sort out the sync issues?
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    iCal looks better, but that's it. The functionality of it's to do list is inferior (I like to rank, categorize, and have repeating to dos).
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    Not sure if Palm Desktop can do this, but I know iCal can (at least with a bit of work)- publish calendars so that other people can see them. For example, my wife and I try to keep track of each others schedules. We each have our own PowerBook. Instead of buying some expensive groupware product, we can publish our iCal calendars to a server we have on our network and then each of us can subscribe to the other's calendar. (you can also enable this on the same machine that iCal is running on, but since we have the machine to act as a server, we do it this way). You can also do this via .Mac, but I don't care to spend the extra $100 a year for it. My biggest beef with Apple at the moment is that they don't offer any sort of Memo app that will sync with a Palm. It's kind of dumb to use Palm Desktop only for memos, which is what Apple suggests. At that point, you may as well just use Palm Desktop for all of your PIM needs.

    For me, I'm kind of stuck using Address Book and iCal, as I want to use Mail for my mail app, and I don't want to maintain multiple address books. I have been using Entourage, but I've gotten fed up with it. At least for now. Maybe after a while of using Apple's apps and my Treo, I may switch back to Entourage.
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    I LOVE the Palm Desktop for PC. It is simple and integrated. Can't stand the MAC product, though.

    How I would love to have the address book attached to the date book!

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