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    Surprisingly I can't find much about the Parrot Easy Drive:

    How is this different/better than the DriveBlue? Am I correct that these are the only two non-installed units that support voice tags?
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    I tried setting up voice tags with driveblue on my Treo 650 and all I got was a reset on the Treo.....?
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    I like the Easy Drive. All you have to do is pair it and then start sending it contacts via bluetooth. I also like the configuration alot better than that of the DriveBlue. I have mine mounted on the A-Piller, with the speaker on the dash and the mike/controller on the A-Piller right next to my head.
    The Only issue I have with it is call initiation. I think unfortunalty believe it's an issue with the Treo, and not the Easy Drive. When you try to initiate a call, the EasyDrive beeps for about 8 seconds. After another 7, it finally asks for a name to dial.
    I may be wrong, but I think this is because Palm stupidly has the the Bluetooth set up like you can voice dial through it with the Treo. Since you can't voice dial directly through Bluetooth, all this inserts is an delay between the initiation of the call and the phone giving up for a voice call and finally opening up to allow the EasyDrive to send the phone numbers to the phone to dial


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