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    Is anyone using the IGolf SD GPS unit on the Treo 650 phone for its GPS features on the golf course? If so how about a review please?
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    I'd like to know too. I just read a years worth of trouble on this site with that company and they have a no working web site are you sure they are not just a rip off? $200 plus for a receiver and no one else software will work on it?
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    It works on my Treo 600, and as I understand it, works more easily with the Treo 650. However, there's certainly a caveat emptor when using it with the Treo 600. It worked fine with my first Treo 600. When I cracked the touchscreen, I had to get an insurance replacement at a Sprint store.

    I had to test approximately ten refurbs before I found a unit which worked. Having read that the Treo 600 SDIO slot was hit-or-miss with meeting the standard manufacturing spec, I stood in the store and used BackupMan to do a restore and test until I found a unit which gave out the "SDIO Lib successfully initialized!" message from the test app.

    Now, as for the golf app, it is very weak. It works, but it is SO basic. I wish they would simply work out some kind of licensing deal with Intelligolf, so that Intelligolf would work with the iGolf unit, but they apparently feel they have very valuable intellectual property to protect. They've had more than a 18-months to come up with something more, but they can't seem to, so as soon as the next Treo model comes out, I'll probably switch to a portable Bluetooth model which will work Intelligolf.

    The first time you play any particular course you'll have to spend some considerable effort to do the mapping. I mapped my favorite course last year and then was able to play a couple of times using the GPS and it was quite fun to be able to use it. They did send out an update to the driver later in the year, and when I tried my course again this year, it seems that the data was now in a different format, and the golf software didn't work. Had I thought about it, I would have copied back the older driver and tried again, but instead I was just ticked off ...
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    Is this a new iGolf product: iGolf for Treo 650

    The article makes it sound new (bundled hardware and software), but the company's website is completely useless. I'd love to get this, but I need to see what courses are available (which you can't do on the website). Anybody else using this?

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