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    It works whenever it wants. I reset it it doesn't work, I reinstall it, it will work for one or two rings then stop. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Search. It's been covered.
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    any hints as to where???? I always search before a post
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    mine works fine
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    Mine works fine too, oh yea I have a 600.

    Haven't upgraded yet.
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    Here's a thread that talks about problems with mring and ringo.

    The only problem that I had with mring was that it would put an (H) next to every incoming call that wasn't in my phone book. It sucked because it took much longer to save numbers since mring had already tagged them with a Home designation.

    I think that I've settled for TreoGuard.
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    I had the same problem until I realized the mring updated version was the problem. I went back to version 2.6 and have never had a problem in months.
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    yes, v2.6a of mRing has been the best and most stable so far for me too... too bad I'm still at v2.51. blah.
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    I was told the mring issue was discussed. maybe so. But trying to get software sent to u or a answer, at times is a real challenge.

    Please help me out. I need mring 2.6a
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    I would contact motionapps -- I'm trying to help them fix their v2.7 version to be as good as v2.51/v2.6a (basically the same).
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    2.7b works fine for me but only with 96k mp3's with no album cover pic included
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    I don't want to HELP them find their bugs. All that stuff should have been done before the software was released. I won't be buy anything else from them. this is rediculous. If it was free, I wouldn't care.

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