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    Okay, now I'm probably gonna catch crap for this, but I did search for:

    Background Resolution 650
    Screen Resolution
    Picture Resolution
    Background Pictures

    ...and I didn't come up with anything. If I searched for the wrong terms, please direct me to the correct ones because I'm at a loss. Anyway, the question is:

    On the 650, you can choose to get rid of the dial pad and just show a background image. This member is displaying exactly what I want on my phone (not the same picture, but the same setup):

    What size is the background picture? I can't get it to fit correctly because I don't know the exact size of that image. Does anyone have any input as to what is the correct size?
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    Well, it's obviously 320 pixels wide. In an image editor, I get a height of 246 pixels.
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    Awesome...I'll give that a try...thanks.
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    Anyone have any idea what folder on the SD card you need to put the pictures to use them as backgrounds?
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    I believe its the dcim folder or something close..hope this helps..
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    Yeah...I ended up just transferring the files to the phone via HotSync...that seemed to work alright.

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