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    Today, I loaded Facer on my Treo 600 at the suggestion of a friend. Once I installed it, I was clicking on various icons, and the unit was reset.
    Once the Palm logo appears, I get asked whether or not I want Facer to be loaded as the default launcher. Whether I press yes or no, my AT&T logo comes up, and then the Treo goes black. They keyboard lights are luminated.

    I do have BackUp Man, but it's worthless at this point, because I can't even get to a place to launch it. I would love to simply remove facer, as it has to be the culprit. I have done a hard reset and hotsync, but the same problem persists. Can anyone help me? I am more than perplexed!

    Thanks very much for your responses.
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    Doing a hard reset will do the trick. The reason why you continue to encounter this problem is when you do a Hotsync. You restore all the data including the program causing the problem. You need to remove Facer from Palm Desktop, then Hotsync to restore data. That should get everything back to normal.
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    And where would I find those files in Palm Desktop? Thanks very much for your rapid reply, by the way.
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    Normally, on a PC, you will find all your Hotsync backup stuff in:

    c:\Program Files\Palmone\(your hotsync userid)\backup

    good luck.
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    Actually, scratch that. You'll need to locate the Palm file on your PC and delete it.
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    Success! Thank you both very much.
    I can start breathing again.

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