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    I just sent this in an email to Cardo support, but thought I'd post here to see if anyone else is having the same issue...

    I just recieved a Scala 500 to use w/ the Treo 650. I charged it per the instructions, and then held down the MFW to put it into pairing mode. The red/blue LEDs starte flashing, so far so good. I went to search for the device from my phone, and in the process, inadvertantly hit the Ctrl key on the headset, thereby turning off pairing mode. Ever since then, I've not been able to get any response out of the headset...I've tried holding down the MFW, the Ctrl key, combinations of the two, and nothing can elicit a response from the headset.

    So...has anyone else had this issue?
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    Update - I called Cardo support, and they're replacing the unit. They seemed very eager to replace it so either this is a known issue, or they have really good customer service.
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    Cardo service is good. They replaced my unit too.

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