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    Had my 650 for about 1 month and absolutely love it.

    1 question: Can someone confirm or "falsify" that incoming calls, while performing a hotsync, are diverted to voicemail?

    1 issue: After ending a call with a phonenumber not yet stored, the phone asks me to store the number. When choosing yes, the phone resets. Every time, without exception. Does anyone now how to remedy this problem. This is at the time of writing, the only reset issue I am experiencing.

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    You are lucky to have this only one reset I've never witnessed such problem on my Treo. Do you have any apps that interfere/replace phone contact DB? Such as KeyContact or equivalent...
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    1. Yes. At least it does on my Sprint unit. But it should be easy enough for you to test yourself.

    2. Haven't seen or heard of this one.
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