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    Hi guys ..

    i find it interesting that when you change time zone on your local computer it will change the time of your datebook schedule on your palm desktop as well .. try it and u see what i mean ..

    im changing my computer timezone because i moved to another country. i was in London time previously and now im in Singapore time.

    All my datebook schedule shifted like 7 hours earlier .. is there any way i could maintain the datebook time without changing ?

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    The problem is that, by default, no timezone information is maintained in calendar entries. Datebk5 has a feature where you can set a "home", "create", and "current" timezone - the "create" is most important as that applies to any new appointments created. When you then change the "current" zone, the calendar appointments will not move in fixed time.
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    u mean in datebook preferences where u tick the "New Events Use Time Zone" ??

    so how can i make all of my previously datebook entries not following my the timezone and stick to the time that i arleady set them ?

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