I don't really post to these forums, but I read them constantly. Unfortunately, I'm stuck.

I recently purchased a VZW Treo 600. I loaded, Palm Desktop, then the iSync Conduit, and then Missing Sync on my 12" G4 PB 10.3.9.
When I hotsync half way through the backup process, I get the Gray Screen of Doom, complete with "You need to restart..." message.
If I choose to sync and select only the install conduit, everything works fine.
If I try to backup Crash.
If I try to sync using iSync, everything hangs, and I have to force quit (some info is transfered, but only a small amount.
I've uninstalled both Palm and Missing Sync, then reinstalled, I've repaired permissions, nothing seems to help.
If I attempt to sync using a pc, everything works like silk. No issues.
I appreciate any help you can give.