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    I like to listen to mp3's at night as I fall asleep. I set Pocket Tunes to stop play after 30 minutes. Pocket Tunes will stop after 30 minutes but stays, for a lack of a better term, "active". (It stays in the foreground.) I use TreoAlarm as my alarm every morning. When Pocket Tunes is in the foreground and TreoAlarm goes off, a reset occurs every time. I don't use Pocket Tunes for any ringtones or anything like that.

    I have Pocket Tunes version 3.0.9 and TreoAlarm 0.00b. TreoAlarm is in my custom ROM.

    Anybody else have this problem, or can try to replicate it to see if it is just me or if there is a conflict with the two apps?


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    Hi John,

    I was able to duplicate the reset. My ROM is custom, but TreoAlarm 0.99e was installed afterwards.
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    Thanks for testing for me. So, it's not me this time. When I do ##377# it tells me that TreoAlarm caused a reset. But, when I go to Pocket Tunes, it tells me a crashed occurred while running Pocket Tunes. So, I wonder which one is actually causing the reset and what can be done about it.
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    I emailed the treoalarm developer back when I first reported this and he said he was aware of the problem and working on a fix...
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    Thanks, I thought I searched enough but I guess I didn't use the right key words. Now at least I know one of the developers knows about it.

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