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    I have been looking into the Treo 650 (Will be on *Cingular/AT&T* I'm sure this is relevant), largely for browser capabilities. I want google, wikipedia, amazon, the weather, etc... in my pocket and immediately accessible at all times. So I have a few questions around those uses:

    Ahead of time let me say, this place is great. If I get a Treo I will certainly try to contribute here as my experience with the phone increases. I may even try my hand at developing some J2ME applications for it if I am able.

    1) Seems like everyone pretty much uses blazer as a web browser? How is it really for general surfing? Can you google something and easily parse and follow the results to find what you're looking for? Anyone use it heavily for internet browsing that can maybe post on that for me? This is my primary concern and it's hard for me to locate a live demo.

    2) If I'm browsing and a phone call comes in, do I get it? Or does it get pushed to voicemail with no notification to me that I missed a call? Anyone know for sure how this works? I read some speculation in another thread but I'd like to know for sure what happens.

    3) For EDGE users, (ideally those in the Boston / NYC / Philly / DC corridor) is the data network pretty consistent? Or do you find there are often times where you can't get connected? Quite subjective, I know, but how long does it take on average to render a page like (few seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc.)

    a few other questions:

    4) How is the streaming music on pocketTunes deluxe? And does it run down the battery much to use regularly?

    5) Does the 650 handle .wav ringtones without third party apps? And if so, can they live on the SD card?

    Thanks in advance, it's much appreciated.

    EDIT: I put this here because my primary concern is browsing software functionality. If someone thinks it's in the wrong place feel free to move it!
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    I'm on Cingular and always use Blazer to browse the web...I have no PC. The quality will depend on how picky you are. I only use the weather wap site, otherwise I use the full page views in optimized mode, with graphics enabled. I think it's fine.

    I can receive phone calls, SMS and MMS and can chat on Verichat while web browsing. You get the choice of answering, responding or ignoring. When answering a call or message, you do exit Blazer, but can return, after, to your last page viewed. Verichat lets you keep your place.
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    Thanks for the input! Very glad to hear that you can get calls and such while browsing. That's pretty important to me. And as for "pickiness", I'm fine with the fact that I'm using a tiny screen and it's going to inherently be jumbled looking. Just wanted to make sure that the browser capabilities are solid.

    You use the Treo as your only web connection and find it sufficient? That says a lot right there.

    Does Verichat usage count against your data plan? Or SMS?
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    Browsing doesn't come out jumbled at all. It's actually very clean, but yes, small. The crispness of the screen helps a lot. I couldn't stand browsing on the 600.

    You can set Verichat to "always on" data or SMS, depending on if you want to use your SMS allowance for notifications. Since I have MediaNet unlimited, I just use the data...messages just pop up wherever I am on the Treo.
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    Excellent! I would prefer to use data too for that reason. You pretty much hit my browser questions so, thanks. I've found mixed opinions regarding service but I guess I'll have to see what I get. My other questions were very secondary to the browser questions, since as I said, that's my main reason for wanting the Treo.
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    Don't be fooled. She's not a Treo fan. She only uses her Treo to stay in constant contact with me...without me, she'd be just as happy with some freebie give away cell phone. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    So true...
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    I should point out that it -is- possible to miss a call while browsing if data happens to be transferring when the call comes in. They'll be immediately directed to voice mail. You'll get the voicemail notification, tho.

    If you're just reading the webpage and there is no data being transferred then the call will come through.

    There are few choices when it comes to web browser choice on the Treo650. Blazer seems to be sufficient for most needs. It does get a little cranky about big webpages tho. Probably has to do with the limited heap memory they put in the T650.
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    I get calls, messages and chat requests while pages are loading...
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    I think it is a great browser for a phone. I use it all the time. Just search out mobile-enabled sites when you can. There are a lot of them out there these days.

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