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    On my 650 (Unlocked GSM) I have a special tone set for Voicemail (chosen from a list in the "sounds" applet). I have Ringo Pro 4.39 and TAKEphONE 6.5 build 050. Neither RingoPro or TAKEphONE have any settings for the Voicemail sound that I've seen. When I get Voicemail I only get a simple tone instead of the sound I have set. Anyone have any ideas as to why my chosen tone doesn't work. It's an MP3 converted to an AMR.
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    Dont know about Ringo, but for TAKEphONE -
    how are you notified on voicemail ?
    isit by an SMS message ?

    If so - it is not interpreted by TAKEphONE (nor I think
    the system itself) as a voicemail.
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