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    smsZap 1.0 lets Mac users (on 10.3 and up) select text from within any application and then send it to their phone, or select a number from the Address Book, or just type in a new number. The mobile phone does not have to be connected or synced with the Mac to make this work. It just sends the text via the Internet to the smsZap Service Centre. It is then passed on to the mobile networks that push it to your phone.

    Free software and 10 free messages. After the trial messages, you then purchase credits. No subscriptions involved.
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    Is there anything like this for Windows?
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    So it's not really free, as your title says.......right?
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    Of course you can send SMS via iChat as well... for free
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    how do you do that in iChat?? Thanks
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    Just go to file-->new chat with person, and plug in the GSM number. I believe it only works within North America.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    So it's not really free, as your title says.......right?
    The application is free. And it is a system service that is available anywhere, unlike iChat.

    Still, if you use iChat a lot, there is nothing wrong with that and it can be almost as convenient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie
    The application is free.
    Free, like Verichat? The app is free, but it'll cost you to use it...

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