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    My Treo 650 (unlocked) crashes several times a day. Thanks to this forum, I discovered the #*377 trick which shows me the crash location. I've been watching the messages and it *always* shows a crash with this mesage: "Line:441, Host wake not asserted in time." Sometimes the application is listed as "...running 'Contacts'", and sometimes it is running "Phone." Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve or troubleshoot this? Or, even know what it means?
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    call palm or your carrier.
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    That is the HALRADIO error and it means you have a bad unit. It is a hardware error that can not be fixed. You need to contact cingular if within 14 days or contact palm if after to get an exchange. Just tell them the error code and you will have no problems. My first Treo did the same and it was exchanged by the local Cingular Rep. Good luck. Later.

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