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    I bought the Mapopolis/iTrek GPS bundle for the Treo 600 from Semsons last year, and it has worked great. I recently upgraded to a Treo 650 and bought the new power/connector cable for the 650 from Semsons. I installed Mapopolis 2.3 on my new Treo 650, and with everything plugged in correctly I was unable to get the GPS started from within Mapopolis. Is there something that Iím missing to get this setup to work properly? I tried it set to both Treo Serial connector and regular serial connector, and also tried it with the phone on and off. My local map was loaded into RAM. I had power to both the Treo and the GPS unit. In all cases, I received the error message that the GPS could not start.

    Treo 650 (Verizon)

    Mapopolis 2.3 (most recent version)

    iTrek mouse GPS

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Never mind, it was a bad connector.

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