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    I have a Treo 600 through Sprint and just set up Business Connect Personal Edition (free with my company's calling plan). Is there any way to change settings so that e-mail is checked manually? Ever since I installed BC, it is syncing so often that my battery is draining way faster than usual.

    I have searched high and low and can't find this setting...does it even exist?

    With everything I've read on this forum, I'm rethinking my decision to use BC. Any thoughts?

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    1.Open up the BizCon software your Treo's menu button
    3.Right nav button once, slect "preferences"
    4.Nav up and highlight/select "mail" from te pulldown menu
    5.scroll down ad select "schedule"
    6.Uncheck the 2 boxes labeled "push messages to my device" and "enable scheduled synch", then click ok.

    To synch, highlight and click the blue/red arrow ico o te bottom. After the first time you do this the Treo will only synch when you manually click the blue/red arrow icon.

    Alternatively, when back in the "schedule" screen you can set a variet of intervals that synch as "rarely" as every four hours. You can even skip weekends if you want. I find the "smart power synch" option works pretty well. It reduces synch frequency as your battery power goes down.

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