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    Now that I've had my 650 for a couple of weeks (and absolutely love it ) there are two specific functions I'm missing quite a bit from my old Motorola cellphone. I'm hoping there's an application that can accomplish both of these. I've done a search, but haven't come up with anything definite.

    1- The 'Vibrate then Ring' setting was perfect for me 95%+ of the time. In a meeting I had time to silence it before it started ringing, and in the car I would hear it ring after a couple of vibrations. I hardly ever used any other setting; just left it there.

    2- The 5-minute (or so) audio alerts after a missed call or new voicemail. I sometimes leave the phone alone on my desk or in the car for very short periods of time if I step out. Now I have to open the case, turn it on, then check if I missed anything while I refilled the coffee cup or gas tank.

    Are there any applications that would accomplish both of these functions? I know Butler will accomplish the alerts (#2), but I was unsure if it could do Vib-then-Ring.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I like the same function that you are referring to and have a solution. Treo Technician (by Hobbyist, the same folks who brought you Butler) will accomplish #1. I have a 30 second chilli peppers mp3 play. I set it to play only once (as opposed to every repeatr) repeat every three seconds, silent for 1 repeat, with 1 vibration, and volume increasing on each repeat.

    By looking at the settings you can see that it is really customizable.

    I like this setting best because I get a vibrate, then a puase, then periodc vibrates concurrent with the song becoming gradually louder. So in a meeting, I can ignore/answer without the phone ever sounding. Even if I don't respond in the first three seconds, though, I can still anser/ignore before it becomes a blaring sound. In case I keep missing it, it gets louder and louder so if I am outside in the hustle and bustle I still hear/feel the ring.

    Specifically when I get a call:
    it vibrates,
    waits three seconds,
    vibrates again as it begins playing my tune for the next three seconds,
    vibrates again as it continues playing my tune for the next three seconds at one volume setting higher,
    vibrates again as it continues playing my tune for the next three seconds at one volume setting higher,
    vibrates again as it continues playing my tune for the next three seconds at one volume setting higher, etc. until
    the earlier of the song finishing or my anserring the phone.

    PT also has (1) similar functionality for SMS MP3/WAV tones and (2) a "phone connection" function where you can have your phone turn off and on at preset times. The phone conect is an easy way to save battery juice during the night.

    I'm not affiliated with Hobbyist in any way but I always tout their wares becasue they work so well and are reasonably priced. (Though I doubt I'll ever jump on the Initiate bandwagon) I recommend Butler for a number of reasons. In addition to the Alerting function you are looking for, it is great since it has an mp3 alarm clock (mine plays soothing nature sounds and wakes me up without waking my kids) and a shortcut feature where you can hold down any key from any page to launch anything that you can set as a foavortie (phone call/application/weblink) on the standard favorties page.)
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    Butler's definitely the app for you, then...I use its Attention Grabber function to accomplish your item #2.
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    Looks like I need to go to the Hobbyist website and take a close look at both Treo Technician and Butler.

    Thanks so much for the Replies - they are greatly appreciated!!

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    Thanks guys for the kind words. I'd be interested to hear why you won't jump on the initiate bandwagon (off forum if you like).

    I've tried to make the Light version impossible not to have - at $1 for most of what you get in z-launcher and more, it seems to me like a bargain!
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    Since getting KLaunch as part of Butler, I just never have really needed a launcher. Prior to KLaunch, this might not have been the case, but with the functionality of KLaunch, I can get to 90% of (where I usually go/who I want to call) by just holding down a given button.

    I like the new Butler layout. I've got the latest beta and it's running smoooothly.
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    What new Butler layout? Does the beta look different then the v2.86?
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    Ohh I just downloaded beta and see that now. To me it is more crowded then it was before. Great product functionwise - not so great lookwise.

    Look here but do not flame me:
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    Thanks guys!

    Just bought Butler a couple of days ago & I LOVE IT!
    Truly an essential.

    Thanks Rob!


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