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    I installed a new battery and everything went great. I let the battery die and I lost everything. Also, this second time it dies I am stuck at the palm stylus setup screen. It will not reconize the pointer placement.

    I did a reset with the back reset button and was able get past the first stylus check, but now the phone is useless because it will not finish the pointer placement test.

    Any ideas?

    I use sprint... Is there anyway to get a free upgraded phone to the 600?
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    Not sure why you are letting your phone "die", now that you have a new battery you should be able to go for long enough periods and still keep the phone charged.

    It is never a good idea to "kill" rechargeable batteries. The "Memory" Effect that is commonly mentioned as a reason to discharge your battery is a Myth. In normal use a Cell Phone shouldn't experience a "Memory Effect".

    Think of it as a spring. Never over extend it or it won't return to it's orginal form. You are damaging it by completely draining it.

    Your Treo 300 should have an automatic (wireless) shutdown feature to conserve power. If it goes into "shutdown" mode and is preventing you from powering up the phone right away... get the Treo to a charger ASAP.

    As for the pointer problem... Have you reopened the Treo to see if there are any loose connections or anything you might have missed? If when you open it up you might try and take out the "phone/display" unit place it on the work area outside of the case... Disconnect/Reconnect the Battery and attempt the "Pointer Placement Test" again when the TREO reboots. Maybe a button was stuck or something...

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    She works again... I have unlimted net access with this phone because of my pan. The blazer browser is old, is there a new one I can download that will view sites better?
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    What kinds of features do you need your browser to do? JavaScript is probably the biggest issue I have with my old version of Blazer...

    I don't think there are much options left for us Old Timers.

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