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    I've only got a few apps that are currently installed on my unlocked Cingular 650 with the default firmware, and one or two that have been deleted. However, because I've been experiencing a lot of resets recently I'm wondering if I properly deleted the apps and if I need to manage installs and deletions differently than using the default application?

    Also, if I do a hard reset I assume I'll be able to resynch with the desktop and retrieve all my contacts, schedules and etc... that are in the Palm Desktop? I know I'll loose all of the e-mails I've retrieved with versamail, and will have to set up that account again, but that's not a problem.


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    You should definitely check out programs such as Uninstall Manager and Backupman/BackupbuddyVFS. Uninstall Manager fully removes programs and their databases, and Backupman or BackupbuddyVFS will allow you to restore your phone from your SD card in case you ever have to hard reset on the run.

    And yes, you can restore your device after a hard reset from Palm Desktop.
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    hi all, following the issue I would appreciate a tip on starting fresh with my Treo600 without messing things.
    After one year use, dozens of applications not always properly cleansed after, and with freezing incoming calls for certain periods, I'm almost decided to restart everything for good.
    - If I hard reset and selectively reinstall all the applications, will the old Treo come over again at next hotsync? Where should I start fresh from? Should I delete the old user and set a new from installing Palm Desktop software?
    - Also, when upgrading to a bigger SD card -contents copyed through card reader- I've noticed some icons don't find their apps. Should the new card have the same name so that the old shortcuts can work, or what?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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