Just started Pocket Divx Encoder to compress my DVD movies. It looks pretty damn good. Here are the settings i output to:

320 X 240
29 fps
Divx (with mp3 audio)

Anyway question 1:
For PDE (or other compression software) users what output settings do you find optimal for the treo 650?

question 2:
I made a divx .avi of my Incredibles dvd and it went great except that it repeats some shots several times in the movie. For instance the incredibles logo at the beginning is first shown in english, then french, then spanish etc. The also happens with some other (non language) scenes like when bob is putting down his plate. Anyone know what's up with that?

Thanks for any help and suggestions. If you refer me too another tread (which i've searched already) please indicated where if it's a super long thread.

Thank again,