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    i tried to install a demo of skinner and also installed a new splash screen. after seeing that my demo for skinner has allready expired i sent it to the trash and sent it on its way. still have the Itreo splash screen installed but now i lost all me setting for versa mail... my agendis pro got wiped... and my blazer is unable to connect to anythng. you type in a address or hit a shortcut and nothing? and ideas?
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    ok so i tried to unistall the PhoneApp_SPCS_iTreo.prc but cant fine it i also just got the Sprint PCS 1028 prl update and still nothing... any help would be great .. also is there some type of app that will clean up the ram on my treo. i am down to 7 mb and realy don't know what to blow away or what i need to keep.

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