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    I went on what was supposed to be a completely tranquil canoe ride yesterday. Well, we've had a ton of rain lately, so it wasn't so tranquil. First trouble spot I jumped out of the canoe to avoid swamping, and lost my footing, subjecting my treo to a good dunk in the river inside a mesh pocket of my shorts. Drag. I had the presence of mind to pull out the battery, anyway, and then put it in the front pouch of my daypack. After another spot of trouble, we had an outright swamp, and while I was being the good boyfriend and staying with my girl to get here up on shore, I was also seeing my daypack out of the corner of my eye floating down the river frontside down. I managed to grab it after a pretty mad chase, but the pocket with the treo was pretty full of water so that puppy was soaked. I took out the sd card, shook out what I could, and fortunately that was the last dunk.

    On the way home, I started trying to dry it out by putting it on a heater vent in my car. The most noticeable thing upon getting home was the water in the display, sandwiched between the digitizer and lcd I think. I put the thing on top of my dehumidifier for quite a while, and it didn't seem to make the water recede much, so I decided to get some "damp-rid" or whatever it's called and try the dessicant route.

    I put the treo in one side of a two-compartment tupperware container and the dessicant in the other, and let it sit overnight. I woke up too early, anxious to see if it had improved, but unfortunately the trapped water seemed about the same. I occurred to me to maybe try to shake the water down like an old mercury thermometer, and lo and behold, after a number of Pete Townsend inspired windmill strokes holding the Treo in a number of positions, it was down from about 70% screen coverage to about 10%. I put the treo back in the dessicant chamber again, since the water that left the display went somewhere and could evaporate now.

    The final piece was adding a bit of heat to the box, which I did by positioning my desklamp hood a couple of inches away from the transparent tupperware lid (rubbermaid, I think, to be fair!). This was magic. After an hour, the box and treo were probably about 120 degrees or so, and I didn't see any water in the display at all! I rotated the unit a couple of times, keeping this up for another few hours and "burped" the container until it didn't expand with the heat anymore, with I used as an indicator of all the moisture being removed.

    Final score: Treo works fine. The only negative difference is that there are two very small spots on the screen that look like slightly weak pixels or something, but only barely noticeable. Positive difference is that it's pretty darn clean.

    I'm assuming the small spots are actually some sort of gunk from the river that got into the small space between the lcd and digitizer. This was a very clean river, btw. Not exactly a mountain stream, but about as close as you get in the midwest.

    Questions, if anyone's still reading:

    Is there a water damage indicator inside the treo? I found a link to this product and figure this must be the type of thing used by the phone techs to void warranty claims on the basis of water damage. I really think my water episode is behind me, but I'm wondering if I have some other problem in the future (I'm on my second 650 for radio issues) if it will be flagged as water damaged now.

    Another question - is a competent dissasemble of the 650 detactable? I'm fine with taking it apart to clean up the screen crap and look for a water damage indicator, but I don't want to blow a warranty chance for it.

    Ok, that's it. I gleaned some great information from here to get through this, so this is an attempt to give back. Insurance?? No. It's a Cingular 650, and you can't get lockline on their 650. If I could I would, and unfortunately it's not an option for my right now by other means. Ziplock bags on future canoe trips, and not believe anyone ever ever when they tell you how calm a river is? DamnStraight!!
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    Great attitude, great approach dealing with this... I can't answer your questions but you seem to have made all the right moves once it got dunked. Hope your 650 stays healthy, and I wouldn't take it apart unless it acts up.

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    here's a tip the next time you take your treo swimming... Put it in a ziplock bag!
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    As much as I Love My 650, that bad boy would of stayed in the car or a water protecter pouch. Glad to see, it takes a punch! Good luck.....
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