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    I have a Verizon Treo 650 -- am using chatteremail as my mail client (with AOL). At times I am getting horrible battery life -- literally loses 2 or 3 % in a matter of minutes.
    I am trying to understand how the Treo works. Whenever I turn the phone -- radio -- on, I get the message Connect to the Internet" "To complete this request, you must connect to the internet. " etc.
    1 . What request is being made and by what program? As those who have Verizon, and maybe this is true for all Treo's, there is a built in mail client -- "Mail". Is that is what is asking for this request? Or is it Blazer?
    2. Periodically, the yellow indicator light comes on, what is going on there?
    3. Has anyone deleted the native "mail" program? What is the effect of that?

    Thanks for any light shed on this.
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    Regarding #2, what is your signal strength like? Is it possible you are going in and out of roaming mode?
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    Signal strength is two or three bars. Technically, I am within the coverage area of Verizon so I am not "roaming" as far as Verizon is concerned. The display indicates that I am in a coverage area within which data services are available.
    However, when I go into ChatterEmail>Pref>Preferences>Connections and click "Disable chatter while roaming", the area at the bottom right of the chatter mail screen shows "roaming" in read.

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