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    is it possible for the Treo to use the internal modem for itself and not from a laptop?

    for example, have it dial a regular isp using voice minutes but then access web and email from that?

    (a similar question was posted under a different thread, but the main thread had a different purpose)
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    I think this link might be of interest to you:

    Good Luck.
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    I too want to know about this for VERIZON not Cingular and not on a 600 but a 650. I have seen this link before and the connection shown does not exist for Verizon. In the Verizon connection list are:

    Virtual modem
    Standard modem
    IR to a PC/Handheld
    Edit connections

    So I am somewhat confused as to where “Wireless dial-up” comes from.

    I just need the occasional check of my email and I would rather pay for minutes


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