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    I have been visitng this site for a couple weeks because most of my classmates have either bought or are talking about buying a PalmPilot or Handspring. I finally decided to get a Visor Deluxe when I came across a good price on a site called ( and thought other health care folks might be interested in what I found.

    They are selling a Handsping Visor Deluxe for $249, which is the same price as you can buy it directly from Handspring. But, you also get a bunch of free software (about $140 worth according to the site). It comes with a patient tracker, some medical calculators and a drug guide which I think most people end up buying anyways.

    Anyway, I ordered one today so in a few short days I will be joining the ranks of Happy Handsrping owners.
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    Welcome to the Bull Pen! I hope that you will enjoy your visor as much as I have enjoyed mine.
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    Sounds like you are getting a good deal!!
    I also hope that your VDx will be everybit as helpful as mine has been to me. When do you finsh school and start residency?
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    Seems Visor's are pretty popular in the medical crowd, I think TRG Pro is also faily popular, I guess its the expandability for medical and drug records.

    I know that at my local hospital alot of the Docs are carrying them. In fact when I dress up as a doctor and head down there to try and steal drugs and presciption pads, my Visor lends alot of credibility to me.

    Oops, I've said too much.


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