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    Read thru the board and want to confirm a few questions.....Thank you in advance for your answers.

    I currently have AT&T(cingular) and want to get online with my mac at better than dialup speeds. I am running OSX on a powerbook g4 with built in bluetooth.
    1 Is it better(faster) to use bluetooth or wifi?
    2 What kind of speeds can I expect?
    3 I currently have a phone without internet much more per month is the internet access?
    4 I currently use mp3 ringtones of real songs. Can I cinvert these to wave files and use them as ringtones?
    5 Is there a file size limit?
    6 has anyone got this to work overseas?

    Thanks. t.
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    I have a motorola v600....will this do the same thing using bluetooth??? All i need to do is get online with my laptop.....I could care less about the palm part of this phone. t.

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