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    I'm using a bluetooth USB dongle on my PC to share Internet access to the Treo. And it is not stable at all...

    It works, then it stops working saying "time out...". The Treo stays it is still connected but the PC reports that Treo is no longer connected. I've to disconnect/reconnect on the Treo network applet to get my connection back.

    I did a lot of test and I witnessed strange things :
    - it "seems" that Bluetooth crash every time I ask "too much", heavy pages, lots of traffic... like if it wasn't designed to handle "high" bandwidth

    - While doing nothing on the Treo, I witnessed a ping running for 45 minutes without losing any packet. However as soon as I loaded pages I lost packets.

    - Xiino seems better than Blazer to avoid BT crash

    - Sometime (not often, I woudl say once an evening) BT crashed a couple of second after I connect.

    Did you use your Treo with a Bluetooth dongle to surf Internet ?
    Did you witness such behavior ?

    FYI, I use ICS on a WinXP computer with a Wildcomm BT dongle.
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    Works absolutely fantastic for me, I'm in the back yard posting this. Hotsync etc is great.

    Not sure what brand of dongle, a generic one on eBay, going through my Linux box.
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    I have noticed that it seems to drop my connection after a real short amount of time. From what I can tell, the Treo650 seems to pick up a lot more of the surrounding interdferance than my old setup (Palmone bluetooth SD card on a 7135).

    As long as I stay close it is fine.

    This is also at work, so I am getting more interferance than you would see at home.
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    I have found BT on the 650 to be very dissapointing. My 6600 has 5x the range.

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    During the tests the Treo 650 and my computer were very close (less than one meter) and it doesn't stop the computer from losing the connection...

    A really interesting thing is when I ping the Treo from the computer, I can somehow witness activity on the Treo. The reply time is increasing when I'm heavily using the Treo (quite often up to 1 s (1000 ms)) and when there is too much activity, it begins dropping packets (time out). Finally if there is too many packets dropped, the PC shut down the BT connection but the Treo still thinks it's opened... And it happens nearly everytime I load a large web page...
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    bluetooth on Treo is crappy at best. sprint will release firmware update that will hopefully fix this...

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