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    I had gotten the missing sync software when I had the 600 and Panther, now i have the 650 and Tiger. Would like to know benefits and downfalls of Palm's syncing software vs. Missing Sync.
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    Still wondering if I should be using Palm's software instead of missing sync. Anyone see benefits either way
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    I use Missing Sync -- I like how the desktop interface lets me manage conduits and installing stuff into ram, as well as installing/managing stuff on my Lexar card.

    Having said that, I think it's really just a matter of preference.
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    Well, I couldn't get iSync to move my address book onto my Treo 650, so I bought Missing Sync thinking it would do it all for me. Still nothing. I am also in Tiger, updated the newest version of iSync, still nothing. My G5 recognizes my phone, but it says it's unable to sync with it. It's really frustrating that I have figured out how to control iTunes with my 650, but I can't do a simple task like sync an address book.

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    FYI, I believe Narco has solved his problem and posted his fix on the thread: "Treo 650 Contact Pictures and Apple Address Book"
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    For general information:

    I noticed that the lifedrive voicememo conduit is incompatible with missing sync, but palm desktop 4.2.1 works just fine with this application. The lifedrive notepad seems to sync ok with either missing sync or palm desktop.

    This is significant because to my knowledge there is no other sound/voice recorder application that can sync between the Mac and Palm OS besides the Palm voicememo.

    That was enough to tip the balance in favor of Palm desktop for me.
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    I have MS but can't use it since updating to the latest firmware. So have fasllen back to Palm desktop
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    No problems with TMS since I got my Treo. It's great. I personally love the syncing profiles. I hate having to untick all the boxes just to get a quick install done or docs-to-go document over. I'm lazy, but that's why I bought the software.
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    Someone said they couldn't get iSync to work. You probably aleady know this, but iSync doesn't work with the Treo as a stand alone app like it does with say a nokia. You must first install the iSync Palm conduit (something like that). You can search Apple's iSync page and find it. Then it syncs just fine to your iSync apps (iCal/Address Book). It uses the Palm hotsync program and iSync in conjunction. When iSync opens up it will also sync your other devices to if you have any set up.

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