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    I did a preliminary search with no results. I have Verichat & Chatter. There are times where I wish I could just press a button or two and turn the radio off so that emails/messages don't come through, like when I'm in a conference, etc. Although I have it on vibrate, sometimes it can still be heard, especially when I lay the Treo on the table for a moment

    Is there a software specificially designed for this? I also hate that when I turn it off in Preferences, it automatically tries to connect. It takes me up to 4 times before the screen pops up asking me if I want it to still try to connect. That wastes valuable time for me when I may need to use the Treo for a call or something else, and I have the GPRS constantly trying to connect and blocking all other options.

    (Cingular GSM 650)
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    You can always press the red phone button on the right to turn off the radio of your phone. Just press it a few seconds longer than you would if you were just turning off your Treo.
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    That turns off the phone, not the radio. I want to stop the data connection with 1-2 buttons.
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    The red button turns off the radio which is for both voice and data. The data radio is not independant of the voice.
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    I use netselect and map it to the option button + phone button. It allows you to connect or disconnect to the data services also comes in handy if you use bluetooth as well as vision.
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    ProfileCare at is easily the best software out there to control your Treo. You can setup any type of profile to control all your phone settings including radio, bluetooth. IR, etc.
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    I've started using the Reset NetLib prc to disable my network connection really fast, I have it on a Quick Launch in ZLauncher.

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