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    Hello, I have the treo 650 on Orange UK. One thing that frustrates me is that it's not as good as the phone dialer to 'clean up' phone numbers. let me explain, sometimes i enter spaces, brackets or even words in phone numbers. In the phone dialer application that does not matter and these are eliminated when dialing. Sadly, the SMS application which is bundled with the Orange UK version of the treo 650 can't do that, for example if a phone number in the contacts application reads as"07794 654 456 (jimmy)", it will not allow sending and SMS to that, and I have to manually reformat the text into 07794654456. Is that also the case with the standard SMS application? if so, is there a way to revert to the standard SMS application and delete the Orange version? does anyone know how to do it?

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    I have the standard SMS application and it works just fine (i e brackets etc elimininated when sending an SMS, just as in the phone application).
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    Saw this thread from 14 months ago and thought I might revive it. I actually performed the following research this morning. See here:


    I use a Treo 650 over Verizon Wireless. Firmware is 1.04a (same as 1.04).
    My area code is 215.
    LDAC, as used below, stands for "Long Distance Area Code", meaning any area code but 215.
    All of the phone numbers in my Contacts list are in the following format: (AAA) PPP-XXXX, the legacy PalmOS contact format. Notice the space between the area code and the prefix.

    SMS recipients entered in different formats yields different results:
    Example 1 (manual entry): 302-555-6789
    Result (SUCCESS): 1 message sent successfully to 302-555-6789
    Example 2 (manual entry): (302)555-6789
    Result (SUCCESS): 1 message sent successfully to 302-555-6789
    Example 3 (number lookup from Contacts): (302) 555-6789
    Result (PARTIAL SUCCESS): Two messages in "Sent" folder
    1 message sent successfully to 302-555-6789
    *1 message sent to 5556789
    Example 4 (manual entry, by using PASTE): (302) 555-6789
    Result (FAILURE): Two messages in "Sent" folder
    1 message sent to 302
    *1 message sent to 5556789
    It also stated "2 recipients" at the top of the screen before I hit send! I can't yet understand why this would behave differently than Example 3.
    Example 5: (manual entry): (302) 555-6789
    Result (FAILURE): SMS app would not let me type in a space. It replaced it with a comma as if I was starting a new phone number. This explains it all!

    *For 7-digit SMS (at least via the Treo 650 over VZW), the area code is assumed to be the sender's area code. In my case, this is 215. There are 3 possible outcomes:
    Outcome 1: 215-555-6789 is a working MOBILE number, and the message gets delivered. Both sender and receiver are confused and get charged for the message.
    Outcome 2: 215-555-6789 is a non-working number, and sender is NOT charged for the message.
    Outcome 3: 215-555-6789 is a working LANDLINE. At this point, sender will get the following automated response from Verizon Wireless: "2155556789 is a landline #. Reply Y to send al TXT messages to this # as voice messages for $0.25/msg. + std msg fee. Details @, TexttoLandline". If sender takes no further action, sender is not charged for the message, and the message is not delivered.

    Parentheses and Hyphens seem transparent to the Treo 650's SMS and Dialer programs. However, spaces are apparently a problem. If spaces are being entered manually for a recipient, real-time SMS validation attempts to convert them to delimiters on-the-fly (instantly). Essentially, having any spaces within an SMS recipient address/number is likely to yield unpredictable results.

    RECOMMENDATION (preferred)
    Remove all spaces from within all phone numbers in your contact list if you do not need them for any other reason.

    RECOMMENDATION (alternate)
    Manually remove any spaces within a number/address as you're adding the contact as a new message recipient.


    There is another bug somewhere between the Treo 650's Contacts and SMS apps. I noticed this when sending a message to a mobile contact with the same last-7 digits as another mobile contact, each with different LDACs. Here is the sequence of events:
    1. Sent SMS to 917-555-6789.
    2. Message sent successfully to 917-555-6789.
    3. Received SMS reply from 917-555-6789 (confirmed, positively!). However, the number in the From: field of the reply was misrepresented as the name of my Contact at 267-555-6789.

    There is a bug in the way the Treo auto-associates a stored contact name with a message sender. This is probably not an issue for most, as having two stored contacts with the same prefix and exchange is a huge coincidence. No recommendation on this one.

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