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    I'm getting insufficient memory error messages when trying to load ebay pages. Is there a way to optimize or increase the display memory?
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    try to cut down on the graphics. . . . .
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    Thanks for the response! I tried skweezer out and that is exactly what I need--almost. I sell on ebay for a living. While I'm out buying inventory, I need to search completed items on ebay to check prices. To do so, I have to log in on ebay first. Log in doesn't work while within skweezer, so I'm unable to get to the completed items.

    Sooo close! That's frustrating!
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    Hi Phil!

    Can you call E-Bay customer service --- do they have a PDA friendly web address?? Maybe they could give you a work around for the login thru skweezer . . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbenjami

    Three Cheers for rbenjami !!
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    Thanks guys! was mentioned when I was researching whether a Treo 650 would work for me or not: doesn't have the completed items option. You can only view current auctions. For what I do that's really no help at all. I need to peruse completed items. is simplified more than necessary. It seems a 650 is capable of effectively displaying more than that., as I've learned, is too big. Even when the 650 can display it, it's very difficult to read. is actually perfect! I'll ask ebay if they can give me a work around, but I doubt they'll have one.

    PS: I just re-read the old thread. I forgot about the alternative web browsing software that was mentioned--Webpro and Xiino. I'll give those a try!
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    I e-mailed skweezer about my problem a couple of days ago. They replied yesterday that as far as they knew, ebay worked fine with skweezer. They also said they recently did some updates and to give it another try. Sure enough, now it works! I highly recomend this site. It REALLY pares down the size of a web page, but the page remains very legible. Thanks Perry!
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    Great !!!!!

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