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    I was wondering if anyone had found a good solution to the low earpiece/speaker volume on gsm 650's.

    I got my second 650 yesterday (first one kept crashing) and since then have been making a ton of calls. However, to my dissapointment, the volume is so low, that even when set to 7, if I'm anywhere with a little bit of noise, I can't hear a damn thing.

    I tried the old speaker boost trick mentioned in the forums and it has not helped at all. Oddly enough, when I place a call to Cingular's customer care, the volume is just fine, but that's probably due to the fact that their prompt is loud to begin with for the hard of hearing.

    So far, I haven;t found any patches or updates that help with this, so if anyone has any ideas, or has found a solution, I would be grateful for the imput.


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    as far as i know from reading all these boards religiously, the answer is no.

    some people say to try volumecare. i tried it and it keeps the volume at 100% but doesn't make it any louder.

    i've tried the 1.15 and the 1.23 firmware, both are too soft as well.

    i tried the tricks, nothing.

    please someone write a program that boosts the handset volume a little.
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    buy the sony 660 bluetooth headset - its awesome - I use it 75% of the time
    Cingular 680
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    There might be one solution : to use the hand free mode with the backspeaker at a low level... The only problem is the mic sensitivity level is too high and people on the other end of the line complain about hearing themselves or ambient sound.

    I tried Freedom to reduce sensitivity but the mic level it adjusts doesn't seem to be the good one...

    Any idea ?
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    Thanks for the replies.

    It would seem that at the moment we are all screwed with this problem. I just ordered the Cardo Scala 500, and hopefully that will help with the volume issue, however, having a low earpiece volume defeats the purpose of the Treo being a phone in the first place. Simple stuff like this should have been tested/worked out before release, especially when the thing costs close to $400 with a 2 year contract

    Also, my battery has been draining like hell, with the IR recieve turned off.

    After 10 minutes of talk time and a little browsing it drops like 10%...

    Just curious: Does anyone know why the Sprint 650 seems to have a louder earpiece wolume than the 650???



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