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    I have a Sprint Treo 650, I got the DUN hack from shadowmite, it worked great, but now it gives me an error everytime I try to enable it or disable it, I also get this error when I try to use DUN with my laptop (it doesn't work ).
    I was just wondering if any1 else have had this problem and if any1 knows a solution.

    Here is the pic:

    Treo 650, 700p and Moto Q
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    On his HowToDUN page, he mentions the translib error and a solution... if your problem is the same, you need to disconnect from Vision before messing with DUN.
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    thanks, I never even thought to look at the shadowmite page.
    Treo 650, 700p and Moto Q
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    Try DrWowe's DUN patch, seems more stable.

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