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    I have been using PocketDVD on my PC to encode movies to play on my 650 with MMPlayer. DOes TCPMP give me anything better or additional? SHould I just stick with what I have?
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    If what you have works for you, then you should be good. If you run into problems with a particular video file, then you could consider trying tcpmp, as I have found some video files that won't plam in mmplayer will play fine in tcpmp.
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    TCPMP is free so you should check it out...I have MMPlayer but don't use it anymore, TCPMP works great even though it's still in its early stages...doesn't look as pretty with no skins at the moment but not really a problem... some people say performance is better and movies look better on TCPMP. try for yourself and compare!
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    In my humble opinion,
    TCPMP looks and plays much better than MMplayer.
    MMplayer was never too stable for me.
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    There is no contest: TCPMP preforms far and away better then MMPlayer. I can play perfect videos on TCPMP that are 437 kb/sec (translation: Stereo, 30FPS, 320x240 with best resolution). At half that bit rate, the audio and video would get seriously out of sync on MMPlayer.

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