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    How can I use my Jabra B250v Bluetooth headset for hands free voice dialing with my Treo 650? I have the "Voice Dial" program by Voice Signal installed on my Treo but it is not responsive to the 250v. Can voice tags be used to access my speed dial "Favorites" or the Voice Dial program using the 250v?
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    The closest that the 650 get to voice dialing is using Voice Dial, which unfortunately, does not support using the BT250. Best you'll be able to do is activate Voice Dial, initiate the call, THEN connect the BT250.
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    There is an alternative solution that is a bit unstable to say the least. I have a bluetooth adapter (Jabra A210) and a Motorola HS820 headset. It works with VoiceIt for voice dialing. The recognition is good; however, it is a bit unstable, causing the Treo to lock up on occasion when active. It also does not like playing with Bob's Alarm.


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