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    I would like to know if anyone has had any success getting the Treo calendar Sync with an account on Exchange Server, using the Active Sync as advertised on palmOne:

    I have extablished a test account with Exchange Server hosting company (MI8) corporation and even with their very helpful tech support, we have not been able to make it work on the Treo 650 - always some internal server error message. They tell me that others have had problems as well and recommend using Goodlink service, which is very expensive ($40/month). PalmOne is advertising no middleware connectivity to corporate calendars using this system and since it does not work, it seems like false advertising on their part?

    What's even worse, before the Active Sync fails, Versamail Exchange account setup informs you that it's deleting your existing calendar (so it won't duplicated your data, which is a bogus excuse, since it could put the exchange calendar info into a new category) and it does just that, so you end up with no calendar data and no syncing ability with the Exchange server.

    I'd love to heard if anyone has been successful in making it work.
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