I got a treo 650 from sprint and a wilson electronics magmount dual-band antenna (301-103) and with the proper adapter. I have talked through support with them twice and have now two sets of both the antenna and adapters and it still doesn't work. To their credit, they were very nice and helpful and shipped off a replacement right away.

When its sitting on my desk, the phone gets a RSSI of around -85 (2 bars) but once I plug in the antenna, I get a even *worse* signal, to about -95 or -100 (>1 bars).

My father has a treo 650 with cingular (from work) but he already gets 5 bars (and can't get into debug) so I can't accurately verify it he's getting a improvement

The other cell phones we have in the house have a different plug for an external antenna, so that won't work (without buying another adapter).

FYI - By debug, I mean ##33284#

Its highly unlikely that it is the antenna's fault at this point... So, does anyone have any idea's? Make a 1/4 dipole with a paper clip? Does the cingular debug mode use a different code? Or is there a program that I can download?

Does the sprint stores have testing equipment for this? Will this be covered under warranty?