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    I have a VZW Treo 650 and just installed Ringo Pro. For SMS receive notice I'm using the always classic voice MP3 that says "mail mutha******." Not only does Ringo play the MP3 four consecutive times when a new SMS arrives, but the Treo immediately freezes after receiving the SMS. I'm not having any problems with other MP3 ringtones. I know others are having a myriad of problems with Ringo, including playing after a call is hung up, but I did not see this symptom in any of the posts.

    Just adding to the ongoing issues base.
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    You need Ringo v 4.32. I had the same exact problems. With a little research I found that no newer than 4.32 will keep it from freezing. I wanted to destroy my Treo, was ready to sacrifice Ringo, until I got version 4.32. So far so good. I've been testing it all freezes. Ahhh. Give it a try bro. Attached is v 4.32
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